People are always asking, where did the name come from? I am Jewish and my wife is Baptist. WE ARE BAPTISH!!

This all came about during one of my bouts with unemployment, I got hooked on Barbeque Pitmasters, the only problem was I am diabetic and cannot eat off the shelf sauce, so I started tinkering around in the kitchen and here we are. All our sauces have no high fructose corn syrup. We use agave to sweeten our sauces, which does not spike your blood sugar. I believe that it results in a crisper, tastier sauce. You try it , you decide.

Besides being the best barbeque sauces and rubs, we bring a twist to tradition. In our catering we have all the great southern foods. You can go traditional like collard greens or you can have collards with ham hock and matzo balls. And something no one else has. Gefilte Pork. My Favorite. I cannot give away all the secrets. Look for From the Bistro the cookbook (coming soon).

The backbone to Baptish Bistro LLC is a rib bone.  They say, you never really know someone until you break bread with them. For us it is sharing some ribs or gefilte pork. So kick back, call some friends, grab some ribs with BAPTISH BISTRO BBQ sauce and just be.

I hope you enjoy using my sauces as much as I enjoy making them.

Lawrence Schotz