Thanks Baptish Bistro for these awesome sauces! I literally went through one bottle – by myself – just dipping! Just so addicting! Depth of flavor is second to none! Looking forward to my next order!

Robert E, ATL

The “J” MAC sauce is awesome! I am allergic to tomatoes, so this sauce was perfect for me!

Jennifer H, Boston

These are amazing sauces! The J Mac is quite possibly the most unique bbq sauce that I have tried- nothing else compares, and is quickly becoming one of our favorites as is the Original variety as well. These sauces do not mask what you are cooking but rather brings out the best qualities of the natural flavors of the meat and adds sutleness of flavor without overpowering your taste buds. Quite impressive! We cannot wait to try the rest of them! These are superior to anything that one may find on the grocery store shelves, and I am someone that is hard to impress when it comes to BBQ! Well done folks!

Dave, NY